Property Development

Aria Land’s principal activity is Property Development, specialising in owner-occupier (as distinct from investor-grade) Perth residential apartments.

Equity is raised either internally or together with preferred investors.

Exhaustive and regimented due diligence is completed prior to recommendations being made to potential investors.

Aria Land uses clearly defined investment parameters when assessing a development site’s potential. Our objective approach enables us to efficiently evaluate a site’s feasibility and suitability for our business model.

During this process, several key financial hurdles must be met by the development before we will proceed:

  • Gross end value, measured by net sales revenue, to be a minimum of $20m with a preferred range of $30-80m, and higher for joint ventures.
  • Development margin, being net profit as a percentage of total development costs, being 20%+.
  • Internal Rate of Return on Equity, to be a minimum 25%.
  • Equity Investment of up to $10m per project; (preferred range $5-8m); larger requirements will be structured under joint venture arrangements.

Aria Land welcomes contact from potential equity investors in its developments.

Fundamental to the delivery of financially successful projects is the provision of Aria Land’s Development Management service.