Development Management

The importance and extent of the development management process are often not fully recognised by land owners or property investors.

Aria Land has rapidly established a reputation for industry-leading development management and interior design services. Complementing the in-house expertise and experience, Aria Land deploys only the state’s leading architects, consulting engineers and builders in achieving our principal objectives, which are:

  • Landmark architecture delivering intelligent, efficient and sustainable living and working environments;
  • Quality construction completed on time and on budget; and
  • Value creation for both investors and end-users.

Learn more about the range of services seamlessly delivered in each Aria Land development, below:

Site selection

Aria Land is continually evaluating potential development sites throughout Western Australia. Prior to commencing any project, a detailed site investigation is conducted to determine the development parameters required to prepare project feasibilities and initial design concepts.

Project Feasibility

A comprehensive project feasibility (including forecast profit and loss statement, detailed cashflow and sensitivity modelling) is prepared by Aria Land for use during the initial project assessment and for funding applications. This feasibility is regularly updated throughout the life of the project.

Feasibilities are prepared utilising Estate Master software.

Town Planning / Authorities

A detailed investigation of pertinent planning and regulatory issues is conducted by Aria Land to ensure design proposals are viable and approvals attainable. We place great emphasis on the quality of our relationships with and submissions to all relevant authorities. This quality ensures appropriate compliance, timely approval processing and enduring co-operation.


Aria Land seeks to engage industry-leading architects for each of its projects. We oversee and direct the architectural design evolution, from initial concept design to completion of documentation. This ensures the optimum design concept for the project is selected and that the integrity of the design concept is maintained through to project completion.

Consulting engineers

Aria Land seeks to engage industry-leading consulting engineers for each of its projects. We oversee and critically review engineering design to ensure optimal design efficiency and minimal compromise to architectural integrity.


Every project is different, which is why we ensure the builder selected is well placed to deliver the required outcomes. Along with the project manager, we actively manage the interaction between the builder, architect and consultants throughout the project to ensure the timely and cost-effective delivery of the end product. Comprehensive Project Control Group meetings are conducted, typically fortnightly, throughout each project.

Raising equity

Aria Land maintains a well established network of sophisticated equity investors enjoying an extensive knowledge of the Western Australian property market and considerable development experience.

Raising debt

Aria Land’s reputation, professional approach to property development and substantial equity backing enable us to negotiate attractive finance terms with Australia’s leading financial institutions. This provides our projects with a significant competitive advantage.

Marketing agents

Aria Land appoints and directs Western Australia’s leading marketing agents in the formulation of each project’s marketing strategy. The marketing strategy deployed on each project is unique and considers many factors including the desired image, location, target market and marketing budget. Marketing tools creatively deployed include award-winning websites, virtual reality fly-throughs, scale models, brochures, sales offices, media advertising and on-site signage.

Selling/Leasing agents

Aria Land selects and appoints the project selling/leasing agents after considering preliminary pricing forecasts, project design objectives and the proposed target market.

Project Management

Aria Land monitors and assists in the provision of full Project Management services entailing the co-ordination of consultant and construction activity. Our associated company, Aria Projects, is headed by Tony Metcalf, recognised as one of Western Australia’s leading project managers.

Project reporting to investors

Aria Land provides monthly project reports to investors, which comprehensively address all aspects of the project including documentation, approvals, construction progress, marketing, sales progress, financing arrangements and progress against time and financial budgets. We also conduct regular meetings with the investors’ representatives recommending and implementing suitable courses of action as and when required.

Legal documentation

Aria Land negotiates and oversees the preparation of all legal documentation required throughout the life of the project including land purchase contracts, construction contracts, sales contracts, titles and conveyancing, joint venture agreements and financing arrangements. We ensure these documents equitably reflect each party’s understanding whilst protecting the interest of the project’s investment vehicle.

Project administration

Project administration is critical to the smooth operation of each development. Aria Land ensures all project-related agendas, minutes and reports are prepared and circulated. We can also arrange all relevant insurances for the project and ensure the timely completion and processing of all project accounting (if required). We also review and authorise all project expenditure prior to processing payment by the project’s investment vehicle.

Strata titles and settlement

Aria Land oversees the preparation and approval processes required for the issue of titles for each project and co-ordinates the settlement program with all purchasers. This smooth running of the settlement process is vital to the timely completion of each project.