Our Fees

Aria Land’s services are provided on the following fee basis. These fees are varied within the specified range in reflection of the size, nature and geographical location of each project.

Property Development

Where co-investors / joint venture partners are arranged, and Aria Land sources the project, an Acquisition Fee of 1.0-2.0% of the land acquisition cost is charged to the investment entity upon construction finance being received, (typically after necessary pre-sales are achieved).

Development Management

Irrespective of whether the project is an Aria Land investment or its development management services are being provided to other investors, a Development Management Fee of 3.8% of Net Development Expenses (total development costs excluding land and finance costs) is applicable. This fee is paid in equal monthly payments over the duration of the project.

Aria Land also structures a Performance Fee, based on outperformance of investors' threshold Internal Rate of Return.

This competitive fee structure enhances Aria Land’s capacity to maximise project returns to investors.